My Project

If you haven’t yet watched my Introduction video in our Workshop Area then I am a qualified caravan and motorhome technician. I currently work full time for a dealer but hope to change that in the very near future. Being a young family with a 2 year old I find it very frustrating that I am A) away from them for almost 10 hours a day and B) not building a future for us.

For many years I have been trying to think of something I can do that will hopefully lead into becoming self employed and financially comfortable. I would love to start a business which specialists in custom designed caravans and motorhomes. These would include restoring vintage caravans, converting caravans & motorhomes into food outlets for festivals, weddings, special events etc. My wife doing the designing and myself doing the work.

Obviously before I can officially do this as a business, I need a portfolio. I managed to get my hands on a very cheap 1993 Lunar 4 berth which has damp on almost every wall. While this caravan is not vintage, it is a good base caravan.

My wife will be doing all the designing and will start on plans this week. I will be doing the following:

  • Stripping the interior out completely, this includes all furniture, appliances, wallboard
  • Replacing any rotten framework
  • Removing all rails (window rails, awning rails etc.) outside and rebonding to ensure they are watertight again
  • Restore the outside to it’s original condition
  • Perform a chassis service & clean up/respray chassis/wheels etc.
  • Rebuild the inside to my wife’s design, this could include expanding the bathroom area, completely different style inside

I am hoping to have this done within 2 or 3 months, would be quicker if I could do it full time but unfortunately I am only able to do this during some evenings and very few weekends.

Here are some pictures of it as it stands, I will be adding more pictures as I go:



I hope you find this project blog interesting and if you have any questions please fill out the form below or email