Welcome to The MCA

The Motorhome & Caravan Association has been very recently formed by a caravan/motorhome technician in the hope to bring caravanners and motorhomers together, offering technical advice, guides, tutorials, reviews plus more. The MCA is membership based, meaning only members will have access to our Workshop section and Facebook Group. To become a member, all you need to do is click Register at the top of the page.

Benefits to being a member:

  • Access to our Workshop Area which contains some of the following:
    • Fault Finding
    • Video’d How to Guides
    • Educational Videos
    • Common Faults & Repairs
    • Reviews
    • Shop for Caravan/Motorhome Parts
    • Downloadable Checklists
    • Towing Information
    • Plus More
  • The ability to contact a qualified technician for help and advice
  • Access to our Facebook Group where you can chat with other members and get more opinions regarding any problems

New content is constantly being added to our Workshop section so if we do not have a video that you need, keep checking as it could well be added in the near future. If you do need urgent help or advice then please do not hesitate to contact me on contact@themca.co.uk and I’ll do my best to help. Alternatively you can ask on our Facebook Group to also get help from our other technician or our members!

What’s the future for The MCA

It’s very early days for us at the moment but we have huge plans for the future. Currently our membership is free but eventually memberships will cost a very small fee, something like £10 – £15 per year.

In exchange for this all members will obviously have access to what they currently have now but we would also like to offer the following:

  •  Discounted camping at certain campsites
  •  Video’d reviews on Caravans/Motorhomes/Equipment & Campsites
  •  Host courses throughout the year, these will include towing courses, fault finding courses, damp repair courses plus more (these will be free of charge to members but will have limited spaces)
  • Arrange large get togethers for members